Kitchen Remodel with Island Banquette Seating

Kenneth and his family love entertaining friends and family at their house. They wanted to create a kitchen space suitable for cooking and hosting simultaneously. Prior to remodeling, the kitchen was spacious but dark and dated. By doing a complete kitchen remodel they can now enjoy the experience of cooking in the company of their friends and family. The kitchen island features a built-in island banquette for guest seating and storage close to the cooking action. Modern cabinets and fixtures bring the space up-to-date while the marbled flooring and light blue tiled backsplash brighten the space.

Kitchen Remodel Before and After

Before Remodeling

dated kitchen before remodeling

Kitchen Remodel During Construction

During Our Construction

Kitchen Remodel Half Finished

Beautiful Finished Kitchen

Kitchen Remodel Finished

Kitchen Remodel Finished with Island Banquette Seat

Kitchen Remodel with Island Banquette Seat

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