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  • Top 10 reasons to add on or remodel your home

    1. cheaper than buying a new home
    2. Create your dream home customized to your wants and taste, you can apply feng shui best practices
    3. Make home bigger – increase square footage by adding an extension
    4. add a new room or a porch, sunroom or additional bedroom
    5. increase your home resale value
    6. create an outdoor living space
    7. improve your curb appeal
    8. open up space so less claustrophobic and improve energy flow
    9. create more privacy
    10. modernize your home by remodeling your kitchen or update your bathroom
    11. add more space for entertaining

  • 3 Steps before homebuilding

    A new apartment building is undoubtedly the dream of every one, prices are growing, which does not allow people to realize their dream and buy homes. So, if you’re lucky and you purchase an apartment, you should invest and to design and build the house exactly as you want by the best technology and the latest materials and construction market offers us. Therefore, you should perform the steps in a controlled way to get a perfect result, so that will allow you to live a practical and comfortable and have a dream like you always wanted.
    So how do you start and what steps you should not miss on the way?

    1-Budget Organization
    A new apartment building is no small expense and inevitably spending more and more time and it is not over, but Ali by planning ahead, you can more or less know where you are at any stage of the redevelopment. Of course you should always leave some money on the side, so if not demand to spend more money you will not need to take out loans. At this point you should sit down with interior designers or contractors to carry out planning in advance of the Budget.

    2-Use skilled professional
    Apartment building, requires work only with skilled professionals, these professionals are for all intents and various chappers and amateurs that can cause you more harm than good. Therefore, you should always get recommendations from friends or acquaintances who have experienced the services of professionals and indeed were happy with the standard of their work.
    3-Choosing quality materials
    Know that not every day we deal with construction and renovation of an apartment, so if you already practice this, you should do it right and make sure that the product will be maintained for many years. Therefore, selecting high quality materials you increase the chance that the product will last you many years and need renovations and repairs over the years, allowing you peace of mind and pleasure of GDP for many years. In most cases, professionals use their own materials, so you have to monitor that they choose only high quality materials at work


  • 6 Design Tips to Know Before Remodeling Your Bathroom

    1. Stick to a Plan
    2. Keep the Same Footprint
    3. Make Lighting a Priority
    4. Clear the Air
    5. Think Storage
    6. Contribute Sweat Equity

  •        3 kitchen tips

    1. redo the kitchen countertops.
    2. add a kitchen island
    3. change your kitchen backsplash

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