Why work with Lightning Construction & Design?

  • Lightning Construction & Design Staff

    We are a family owned business – we love what we do

    And as such we always put ourselves in your shoes (house) and imagine exactly how you would like it to be.

  • Lightning Construction & Design Financing Options

    Need a 100% finance? You got it!

    No need to go to the bank, we work with finance companies to create Tailor Made solutions just for you.

  • Lightning Construction & Design Truck

    Need it fast? – we are on the way and ready to start

    We have numerous teams that can be sent to you right away, just tell us which way is home.

  • Lightning Construction & Design Quality and Safety

    All of our In-House workers are highly trained:

    Safety and Quality come first, all our team members are rigorously trained and evaluated, that´s how we make sure everything goes perfectly according to plan…

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